Yoga clothing: how to dress properly?

Meditation, breathing, relaxation. These words are very important to define what yoga really is. It is a practice well known for its benefits in everyday life: with constant exercise, it is possible to notice improvements in sleep, posture, concentration and well-being. There are efficient techniques for yoga to have satisfactory results, but it all depends on our performance in classes. And speaking of performance, one of the factors that influence is our clothing.

To correctly perform the various asanas (yoga postures), it is important to choose a loose fit, facilitating freedom of movement. If clothing is not well chosen, they can restrict the ability to move freely. And since you’ll be stretching during your yoga session, you don’t want an outfit to squeeze you!

Here are some rules to follow when choosing your outfit for your next yoga class:

You will do some stretches, sometimes pressed. Prioritize above all a COMFORTABLE outfit, like the long sleeve yoga set. Avoid very tight clothing that interferes with both breathing and circulation. Whether for the lower or upper body, be careful not to use zipper pockets to avoid injury during movement.
Favor clothing made of technical fabrics that effectively absorb perspiration, such as polyester.

If you really sound a lot or are used to doing dynamic yoga, opt for a cotton fabric that absorbs moisture well. To make yourself more comfortable, you can also use the high waist shaper panty. These rules apply regardless of your type of online yoga class: vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga, prenatal yoga, iyengar yoga, kundalini yoga, hatha yoga… of yoga with daily practice or several times a week.

It is important to know that there are several modalities of yoga. Meet some of them:

Hatha Yoga: Practice of postures and breathing exercises
Ashtanga Yoga: Practice of discipline, focus and concentration
Vinyasa Yoga: practice of dynamism and intensity
Power Yoga: muscle and aerobics practice
Hot Yoga: muscle and aerobics practice
Bikram Yoga: Detoxification Practice

For each modality there is an appropriate outfit. For Hatha and Vinyasa, the tip is to choose clothes made of light and breathable fabrics, such as cotton and polyamide – which are fresh and have a good fit on the body.

As for the Power and Ashtanga modalities, the ideal is the short skirt models, since in these modalities, due to intense effort, the tendency is to sweat a lot.

And for the Hot and Bikram modalities, which are made in rooms heated to 37 degrees, we also recommend models of short skirts and t-shirts with fresh fabrics.

As you can see, light and fresh clothes are the most suitable for practicing yoga. Secure your clothes now with the black friday shapewear offers!

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