Wedding dress trends for 2023

With the return to normality, party trends and more elaborate dresses are back on the rise, and of course it is worth remembering that the choice of dress should always be in accordance with the style of the bride and the format of the ceremony that the wedding will have, But it’s always good to be on top of trends. That’s why we’ve separated what will be trending in Wedding Dresses 2023.

Each bride has her own personality, but it is perfectly possible to find details that appeal to different styles in the same wedding dress. For the 2023 collections, the trending styles are romantic, elegant and sensual. Some details in common are the details, such as the maximalism of applications, pieces with different and additional cuts that make all the difference, such as the covers. Check out what are the highlights in wedding dress trends for 2023 and find the style that suits you best!

Unexpected necklines: This element goes beyond the classic necklines, such as the sweetheart neckline, V or off-the-shoulder, feminine, round necklines, framed by lace and the side cutouts arrived with everything.

Fancy Sleeves: The puffy sleeves. In light tulle or plumeti, or in structured silk. Short sleeves, crafted in lace, laser cut, also arrive as a trend.

Removable details: Sleeves have already been cited as a highlight for 2023. It is possible to opt for puffy sleeves during the ceremony, and a lighter, sleeveless dress during the reception and party. This effect can also be seen in skirts, which transform a wedding dress into two models. Dresses that feature a voluminous, removable princess skirt convert into mermaid or straight-cut dresses.

Capes and capelet: The capes and capelet add a certain mysterious glamour.

Floral and ruffled applications: 3D florals and ruffles deserve their due attention.

Maximalism: Huge sleeves, maxi bows, exaggeratedly voluminous skirts, adornments and more adornments.

In addition, we also have innovations in the cuts of the dresses: The first one, is the Square Neckline, they give a chic look, because they are straight, and they are on the rise.

For the next season, you can expect everything: from something simpler and minimalist for those who want a more intimate wedding, or something more resounding that draws attention, with lots of embroidery and glitter so that it really is a great moment in your life, inside and outside.

So, did you like to know this year’s trends? which one was your favorite?

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