4 advantages of using modeling clothes

You know that tighter outfit that we need to be in with a prettier silhouette to wear like a glove? The problem is that our curves are not always cooperating, right? At these times, the solution is to use the shapewear, which is a great ally of women who seek to enhance their silhouette, promoting a look with better fit and without marking the clothes. This type of underwear helps shape the body contour, making it more proportionate and attractive. That way, it brings more self-confidence and increases our self-esteem. After all, who doesn’t like to have everything in place?

What are body shapers and what are they for? They are underwear that redesign the silhouette, hiding imperfections and valuing what we have the best. The pieces are made of special fabrics, cutouts, structures and seams that compress the fat and give the body a more beautiful shape.

What types are there? There are several models of this item to use on various occasions, and that adapt to different body types. That’s why it’s interesting to know which body shapers are before choosing the ideal one for you. Some of them are: the bodysuit shapewear, which promotes compression of the entire torso region, including, in addition to the abdomen, the buttocks, waist and breasts. Perfect for those looking for high compression and posture improvement. To ensure comfort, bet on bodies made of microfiber, which gives that soft touch to the skin and is highly breathable. Pieces with a cotton background are also great options.

The modeling shorts have an invisible effect under clothes, helping to compress the abdomen, hips and thighs. In other words, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to wear it with a tighter dress or skirt!

If you like dresses, you can join an even more practical option: the shapewear dress itself. Finally, we also have the shapewear shorts that easily adjust to the body, catering to different silhouettes!

What is the perfect shapewear for each purpose? Each of us women have a different body shape. As a result, some body shapers suit one silhouette better than another, according to our objective. With that in mind, see which are the most suitable parts:

hide the tummy: if what you just want is to hide the belly or the flanks, the shaping panties may be the best solution;
disguise thick thighs: in this case, the most recommended is the shorts type;
define the waist and back: you can use both the bodysuit and the panties that go below the breasts.

and you, do you use the modeler? what’s your favorite model?

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